Knox Memorial Library

Library Services

Services Offered by Knox Memorial Library

  • Summer Reading Program for children - June and July
  • Public Access Computers
  • Fax Services
  • Copy Machine
  • Scanner
Defensive      Driving Program           Patrons may check out necessary DVD to complete the required defensive driving program requirements.   Payment must be made to the State of Texas either online or on the telephone by credit card.

 ESL DVDs                     Patrons can learn English in a safe non threatening enovironment. 

Talking Book Program The Texas State Library and Archives Commission provides library services to Texans who cannot read standard print due to a visual, physical or reading disability.  To participate in this free service, request an application from the Knox Memorial Library.
Knox Memorial Book Fund Program

Remember loved ones through a memorial gift to the Knox Memorial Library.  The Library's MEMORIAL BOOK PROGRAM offers you an opportunity to donate a book to the collection of the Knox Memorial Library in memory of or to honor friends or relatives.

You may specify a subject area or the Library's staff will select a book in an area in need of new materials.  Your gift book will bear a bookplate naming the person who is being memorialized.  Cards of acknowledgement and appreciation will be sent to the both the donor and the family of the person who is being honored. 

Forms for this program are available at the Library.